IntelliCharge (Powered by MECBot) for EVSE

Actionable Intelligence for EVSE Providers in Real Time, Powered by AI & Machine Learning

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EVSE units across the world by the end of 2019

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of all new car sales are projected to be Electric Vehicles by 2040

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kWh of charging-energy demand for EVs across the U.S., China & Europe


Edge Application at Charge Stations

Central Management System

Mobile Application for End Users

Our 3-Layer Approach to Drive the Next-Gen Electric Vehicle Charging combining Innovation in AI, ML and IoT

Smart Interaction

Real Time Insights at Scale

User Engagement

Future Re-imagined with Smart EVSE Analytics

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Insights on Sales Forecasting and Sales Pipeline

Revenue Analytics

  • Sales Pipeline​
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Cross- sell & Up-sell
  • Alternate Business Data Provider

Operational Analytics

  • Machine Data is streamed in real time
  • Consolidate view of  Station Operators
  • Insights, Alerts and Downtime Prediction
  • NBA based on Anomalies
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Ready Dashboard available – Key analytics
  • All Data Operations are scalable

Illustration of User and Edge Application

Ensure Solvency with MECBot’s Expert Risk Modelling on Banking Data in Real Time

Customer Experience Management

  • Customer Identity Graph
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Track energy usage, costs, and revenue
  • Real-time alerts on EVSE downtime
  • ‘Google-Now’ like Analytics in Real-time
  • Reservations and Wait list
  • Ticketing System Integration


IntelliCharge’s Augmented Data Management for EVSE

Case Study

Performed Real-Time EV’s analytics and Sales Forecasting for over 20 Million Charging Sessions. Provided consolidated view of Charge Station with insights and information on Charging Sessions, Driver Distribution, Customer Support and Station Utilization.

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