Unstructured Data

Analyzing & Unifying Unstructured Data at Scale

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of enterprise data is Unstructured Data

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annual growth rate registered by Unstructured data

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of enterprises struggle to manage & protect Unstructured data

Introducing MECBot: #1 Augmented Data Management Platform

with Best-in-Class Capabilities for Mining Unstructured Data

Structure all Unstructured data, contextualize
across specific business domains, with the option
to extend it across tribal knowledge bases

Use MECBot’s Smart Annotation Engine and
Natural Language Narration to derive on-demand insights
at the pace of data generation

Unify Structured and Unstructured data to create
a semantically enriched Knowledge Graph, & deploy purpose
-built models to generate insights at scale

Make intelligent decisions and derive RoI
from your data analytics in days, not months or years -
augment your business intelligence quickly

for Unstructured Data Analysis

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Smart Annotation with MECBot INK

  • Powered by state-of-the-art Knowledge Base that is based on the concepts of Linked Data

  • Deep Knowledge of annotated keywords and phrases in unstructured data, backed by Deep Context hierarchy for on-the-fly disambiguation

  • Intuitive interface text analytics to explore annotations and structure them as per your business model

Real-time Annotation Engine detects contextual keywords/phrases in unstructured data

MECBot has performed advanced text analysis for a leading platform that performs online comparison of insurance policies

MECBot INK for Insurance

  • Identification of the most popular policies is done from unstructured data from chats, emails & voice calls when agents respond online to customers

  • Insights from text data that is derived from voice data as generated by customer service agents using smart text analytics

  • Top policies mentioned in the overall conversation data are then clustered by time, top trends and ngrams

MECBot INK for Healthcare

  • MECBot INK  Analyzes, Annotates & Unifies Unstructured Healthcare Data with Structured Data into a Smart Data Fabric

  • MECBot INK Makes the Painstaking Process of Manually Scanning Medical Literature as Redundant, Saving Hundreds of Man-Hours and Dollars

Here MECBot understands the medical context & highlights keywords for further data structuring and analytics

AI Powered Smart Contract Analysis and Review using Powerful Text Analytics

MECBot INK for Contract Management

  • Augment Efficiency of Your Legal Team

  • Identify Word Stems, Meaningful Words, Gender References

  • Manage Timelines, Legal Events & Keyword Search

MECBot Automates Data Contextualization with a 3-Layered Knowledge Base

So That You Never Have to Worry about Missing out on Critical Insights

Case Study

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